Top tips on how to speak to the camera

Top tips on how to speak to the camera

  1. Firstly learn your pitch, or at least the key words that you can join together whilst free speaking. You must not read your pitch out as it will come across “wooden” and preparation is key.
  2. The pitch should contain what you do, an example of your work and/or a client testimonial and a call to action at the end.
  3. In terms of what you do, can you think of a 4-5 word statement that describes your business? What is your unique selling point? Why should I buy from you, or tell people I know to buy from you? – Rather than the business down the road.
  4. Be enthusiastic and speak steadily with confidence. A gabbled performance will not convey your message. Just imagine you are with your friends down the pub.
  5. The same rules for photography apply for appearance in the video so take your time to decide what you want to wear and how you want to be perceived.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Before the filming, try to avoid fatty or sugary foods and any foods which affect your skin tone. Now is not the time to experiment with a new haircut, or a tan (real or fake). Stick to a regime that you know from experience will work.
  2. The night before you should prepare your wardrobe & accessories and do please get an early night.
  3. What to wear? Clothes should be new or nearly new. Worn or even slightly ‘tired’ clothes will show. Choose an outfit that you look and feel your best in. Choose your wardrobe carefully, coordinate or not as you wish, but make sure your look will attract your target market. For the ladies accessories are important and should complement your outfits. (Well applied day make up is perfect to start with; you can go heavier in the studio if you wish, so bring some with you).
  4. For the Gentlemen cracked lips need some lip lotion (from Sheila Lemon), so that you don’t have to keep moistening your lips and we may need to colour up your face and powder down any shiny foreheads.

On the day, if you know how you want to look – great – you lead the way.

After the filming, please wait and I’ll be in touch when the video is edited & ready. I look forward to making you look good on video.