Leave a long lasting impression

Leave a long lasting impression

Video leaves a long lasting impression which assists with sales conversions & lead generation by appealing to customer emotions, along with a strong call to action to complete that experience.

Research suggests that customers are 30% more likely to buy after watching a video, and as Google owns YouTube, a YouTube business video will automatically improve the Google Rankings to 70% more likely to be on the front page of a search.

All this is achieved with a first class script which has to be tested with someone outside your business, to ensure that the points are made clearly and jargon is absent.

You may be fearful of presenting to camera, but with scrolling text to read in front of the camera all that is really needed is to be yourself and some gentle positive body language.

The YouTube video can take up to 18 Meta Tags or key words to describe your business and should be used during the wording in the description immediately below the video.

Also if you need to target corporate clients with video remember they might not have any sound on their desktop computer, so on screen captions are needed to follow the audio messaging being given.

Talking heads are boring for a long period defined as greater than 15 seconds, so do think about some illustrative pictures to go onto the video, and even some cutaway moving shots illustrating or demonstrating what is being said. The video must be visually interesting as well as the scripted content.

Finally if you really can’t face the camera then let your clients sell for you with say 3 to 5 testimonials, which can be grabbed at a “thanks for the business” cheese and wine party.