V4B-PC2 Mid-Range built to order. PC for Grass Valley Edius 9 & X: Z590 MB, CPU i9-10900K 10core, GTX1660 Super, Thunderbolt 4, 1TB system HDD, 3TB Video RAID Drive, Multi card reader, Blu-Ray/DVD Writer, Firewire card


V4B-PC2 Mid-Range built to order. PC for Grass Valley Edius 9 & X

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V4B-PC2 Video Editing PC Mid-Range PC for Edius 9 and X


As an reseller, our turnkey computer systems offer our customers the ability to plug their system together turn on the power, and get on with being creative as soon as you switch on your system, and not have to worry about the technical stuff.


This is possible because built into the price is a 1 day software install and full test, and if you collect your system from us you also get face to face initial training, both worth over £700 and technical support for a year worth £250.


You can of course buy the Edius software and buy all the parts to make your own computer system, but then from a hardware support standpoint, you are on your own.


This computer hardware has been chosen by Video4Business for best performance with Edius 9, or Edius X.

It is not chosen on lowest price, it is chosen as suitable technology to give the best editing experience against investment.

The PC has been chosen to support:

Optical disk writing,

Firewire ingest,

Multicard reader for card based cameras.

Thunderbolt 4 to support  for example, Sonnet PCIe expansion Chassis, and Black Magic Design Studio series Video in/out TV out units, and external Thunderbolt Hard Drives.


Note: Edius 9 supports Firewire ingest, Edius X does not.


For Edius X, DV tapes can be captured with the free app that is bundled with the firewire card and HDVSplit can be downloaded free for capture of HDV tapes. Edius will then pick up the files recorded by these apps by loading them into the bin.


For best smooth video playback performance on an external TV Grass Valley recommend adding an input output card such as Black Magic Design.


Intel Quick Sync is required by Edius to give hardware acceleration for MP4 and H265/HEVC playback and encoding, which is available through the chosen processor’s on board UHD graphics chip.


For other types of video file playback the CPU is used, only specific camera codecs use the GPU for decoding, such as RAW and RED footage, Plugins such as New Blue FX, Neat Video de-noise and the built in Primary Colour Corrector, therefore a high end GPU is not required, thus Edius will work on lower spec laptops.


Currently Edius 9 only supports the Intel UHD 630 Graphics for H264 and H265 playback and encoding hardware acceleration, which this CPU has. There are some unresolved issues with the 11th and 12th Generation processors (UHD 750/770 Graphics)  which have been fixed in Edius X and maybe fixed in Edius 9 but we have no date as yet for that fix as of April 22nd 2022


As of April 2022 this is the fastest PC recommended for Edius 9.


Edius 9 is approved for Windows 10 only, Edius X works under Windows 10 or 11.


V4B-PC2 Mid-Range PC Hardware Technical



iiyama BLACK HAWK G-MASTER G2440HSU-B1 23.8″ Full HD LED LCD Monitor – 16:9 – Matte Black x 2


10th Generation Intel Core i9-10900K 3.7GHz 10 core 20 thread CPU/Processor with Intel UHD 630 Graphics. Turbo 5.1GHz (measured on a single core). Passmark score 23,390.


Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME M.2 Solid State Drive/SSD
Samsung 870 Evo 1TB Solid State Drive/SSD x 3 configured in RAID zero for video content approx 2.7GB formatted capacity on a very fast drive.

Blu Ray Writer optical drive
22 in 1 Multi card reader


16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz Dual Channel Memory


Intel Z590 Chipset (Socket 1200) Motherboard

PCIe slots

2 x PCIe x16 v4,

1 PCIe v3 x 16

PCIe Cards

Nvidia GeForce GTX1660 Super 6GB Graphics Card. Passmark score 12,704. 3 Port 2b 1a Low Profile 1394 PCI Express FireWire Card Adapter

Thunderbolt 4 card gives 2 x 40Gbit connections supports external PCIe chassis and Black Magic Studio interfaces.

All 3 slots full

Input and output connectors

7 USB (FRONT provision)

2 x USB 3.2 type C up to 20GB/sec

8 channel AUDIO PORTS (REAR) (7.1)

Optical audio out
1 x HDMI

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro High-End

External Devices

Mouse – Logitech USB Optical wheel mouse


Edius custom Keyboard


3 Year carriage pre-paid return to Video4Business, 1 year parts, 3 years labour.

Delivery time

Please allow 2 weeks build lead time and due to world shortage of graphics cards this may time may extend please call us for confirmation and the availability of graphics cards and may affect the price quoted.

Back up Your Data

Note: Hard drives in RAID arrays are very fast but there is a risk one drive can fail at any time with a total loss of data, so a USB 3 external hard drive is recommended as a backup.

A disk image backup of your Windows drive is also recommended, so for example a 5TB Western Digital My Book USB 3 hard drive is recommended as a backup device.

Intel Quick Sync

To enable Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration in Edius one monitor is connected to the motherboard graphics connector, the other to the graphics card.

Technical information stated here

Specifications stated here can change without notice due to component parts availability but will remain broadly performance equivalent.

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