ProDAD Forensic and EDIUS Video Editing Software for Police and Security Services



Grass Valley’s Edius X is your ideal forensic tool to ingest, cut and edit video footage faster.


Add on the ProDAD Forensic Suite and it can look through hours of footage automatically and flag up points of activity and add on screen Timecode.


Track multiple faces and objects

Use the Super Magnifying Glass

Zoom in and enhance objects, text and faces


The Forensic Suite can also record all modifications made to the video for court evidence.


Available for individual workstations, or as a floating license for multicomputer environments.


Germany’s leading magazine for video technology “videoaktiv” intensively checked EDIUS X and declared it to be the reference solution compared to all tested Non Linear Editing systems (NLE’s). Download the article here


Deployment of Edius floating license instructions pdf is downloadable here

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ProDAD FORENSIC SUITE and EDIUS  Professional Editing Software



Special software for video analysis for police and security services


In cooperation with the German company ProDAD GmbH, we now offer additional extensions and plug-ins for EDIUS, which are tailor made for the daily demands of Forensic Police Departments.



5 Seat Floating License to go with 5 seat Edius Floating license significant savings on 5 individual licenses – see editions list.


1. The forensic suite allows the investigating officer to print metadata, such as date and time, from any video source (whether surveillance camera, drone or smartphone) anywhere on the screen. The timecode plug-in does the work for you. It has never been easier to create a video documentation showing the original timecode.


2. Another tool in the suite optimise the image quality of surveillance cameras at the push of a button, and fixes camera or drone shake as well as CMOS sensor errors. For the first time, professional and best stabilization is available as a plug-in for EDIUS working in real time.


3. One of the most time consuming activities is viewing surveillance material that has taken hours or even days. The Forensic suite includes a plug-in which dramatically speeds up the process of viewing hours of material, when the officer is just looking for the one single moment when, for example, a car is being moved, a door is opened, or a window is broken. With the Event Detection plug-in the officer will be able to save plenty of time by simply jumping to the automatically detected moments where an event actually deserves their attention.


4. Often details contribute to the success of an investigation. Be it an illegible lettering, a blurred license plate or a distorted face. In our video of samples, we show you how Forensic can make details visible and readable from a video sequence.


5. Sometimes you wish you had a “super magnifying glass” to better identify objects or people in your video recordings? That is possible in the Forensic Suite.


6. The Forensic Suite offers both a highly effective object tracking (combined with an extremely fast workflow). This enables pixilation, blurring or highlighting of objects with circles, arrows, labels, etc., even if working on longer video sequences, in the shortest possible time.


7. The prosecution lawyers may require court-proof documentation of all processing steps you applied to your video material. The Forensic Suite can optionally automatically log all these steps, such as removing the wide-angle distortion, optimizing the contrast or even correcting the white balance. This documentation is fully automated and does not cost you a second of additional working time.


8. The Forensic Suite is continuously being developed and will soon also be able to recognize faces and keep track of the recognition for quick retrieval.


Free trial download is here: fill in the form at the bottom of the page





The video editing software Edius X Pro


• Edit media files with different resolutions from 24×24 to 4Kx2K (EDIUS X Workgroup: 8Kx4K)
• Support for the latest file formats — Sony XAVC (Intra/ Long GOP)/XAVC S/XDCAM, Panasonic AVC-Ultra/AVC-Intra/ P2 and Canon XF-AVC/XF-HEVC (import only), Sony RAW, Canon Cinema RAW/Cinema RAW Light (import only), RED RAW (import only), ProRes, DNxHD/HR (option), still image RAW and more…
• Support for the latest color space for Log and RAW files – HLG/PQ, S-Log, Canon Log, V-Log/V-Log L, J-Log1, F-Log, Log C, D-Log, N-Log, OM-Log400 and LUT (.cube) file import
• Fastest AVCHD and DSLR video editing on the market
• Real-time conversion of frame rates on the same timeline delivers more efficient editing into the hands of editors
• Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title and graphics tracks
• HDR editing (HDR/SDR gain and tone mapping)
• Superior 4K HDR workflow, including support for Black¬magic Design/AJA hardware (preview only)
• Export in 4K HDR for broadcasting and web distribution
• Mync (media management software) bundled with EDIUS X implements a powerful new Meta Smart Search function and HDR support (preview, storyboard, export)
• Primary color correction (RGB) for color grading
• 3-way color correction (YUV)
• 60/50p timecode display
• New video scope supporting HDR
• Multicam editing of up to 16 different sources simultane¬ously, with video output support
• Fast and accurate multicam audio sync engine
• Various proxy editing modes for next-generation workflow helps extend usability and increase ROI
• High quality motion tracking (adopt “Hybrid Tracker”)
• High quality slow-motion (optical flow and advanced matching)
• High-speed and high-quality stabilizer
• High-performance video Layouter
• Various synthetic video filters such as masks and keyers
• Accelerated 4K H.264/H.265 playback using Intel Quick Sync Video
• Fast and high-quality H.264/AVC decoder and encoder (for fast encoding of 4K XAVC)
• Fast and high-quality MPEG decoder and encoder
• Fast handling of large quantities of still image files (JPG, TGA, DPX, Cinema DNG and others)
• Closed Caption view, scc/mcc file import and export
• RED RAW decode GPU support
• Apple ProRes export
• Apple ProRes RAW decode
• Apple MOV (H.264/H.265) export
• Blackmagic RAW decode
• Blackmagic Film Gamma support
• Direct to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline export
• Project import/export as EDL, AAF, FCP 7 XML (import only)
• OFX Plug-in bridge support
• Ability to save a current project as a template in order to re-use preferred track settings, screen layout, etc.
• Support for high-resolution displays



Minimum System Requirements (standalone):


CPU: CPU with AVX2 support: Intel 4th Gen or newer or equivalent AMD CPU
Memory: 8 GB RAM or more | for 4K projects 16 GB or more
Hard Disk: 6 GB of hard disk space for installation, fast drive for video storage
Graphics Card: 1 GB VRAM or more | for 4K projects 2 GB or more
Sound Card: Sound card with WDM driver support
Network: Internet connection required for initial software license activation, thereafter once per month to maintain usage | Offline activation and usage possible for EDIUS X Workgroup
OS: Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 or later

Changes can be made at any time without notice.

The EDIUS X Datasheet can be downloaded here: EDIUS X Datasheet


Edius X Core features video Part I



Edius X Top Features video part II



EDIUS X Top Features video Part III: Effects










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