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About This Project

17 south coast Rotary clubs were involved with this fundraising walk challenge. The testimonial after these words describes the purpose of the video production very well. In order to create this video it involved initial meetings to discuss the purposes of two films. One was for Rotary clubs and the other was to encourage participants to take part and was destined for the Hike for Hospices website. We gathered together the route maps for the walk and timings at the various marshal points. A selection of marshal points was chosen to represent the whole event, and interviews were sought with the organisers along with the participants. The start was Lewis in Sussex and the finish was at Goodwood Racecourse in Hampshire. A lot of hill climbing was involved to get the wonderful views along the south coast, and it was filmed over the two days of the event.


“This short film portrays very effectively what we at Hike4Hospices are aiming to do: to raise money through walking the Downs. This charming film humorously and graphically shows potential walkers what we are about – it conveys enthusiasm and dedication from a wide range of people all dedicated to one thing – helping end of life care to be dignified and peaceful through our wonderful hospices.”
Chairman of Hike4Hospices

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