Ann Hoad – Personal Development & Life Coach

About This Project

This video was made for Ann Hoad and commissioned by Steve Manning at Active Marketing. Two videos were produced for Ann’s Business, using our video production expertise, one as a Personal Development and Life Coach the other as a Business Development Trainer. Ann hired the training rooms and pulled in favours from other business colleagues from Business over Breakfast networking group to be part of the audience. Quite a long filming session as the spoof audience was too involved with what Ann was saying! – and it finished at 8:30pm having started at 1pm. Ann was pleased with the videos as she will be hired on how she presents herself and her personality.




Video4Business helped me with two videos for a client with two separate businesses, and came up trumps with both.
What impresses first with Mike and his video production team, is the amount of equipment they can call on to produce results on filming day: lighting, a variety of cameras to shoot from different angles, good quality microphones, teleprompters to help with “talking to camera” moments. It’s all there and it’s used properly and in proportion.
What follows (and is the most important element in my view) is the magic that happens in post-production. I’ve sat through two studio post-production sessions with Mike, and each time have been thoroughly impressed with the high level of professionalism.
His ideas and suggestions help clients to obtain the best results, while his attention to detail ensures the final edit hits all the right spots (e.g. so background music doesn’t overwhelm things/any intakes of breath by the people being filmed are removed, to ensure sequences flow seamlessly).
Experienced, knowledgeable, and with an eye for detail that others should view as their benchmark. Highly recommend.

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