Packages to make your business visible to customers every day of the year

Prices are indicative only as most projects have client specific requirements. Project specific quotations are supplied once a brief has been agreed (and may be re-quoted if project parameters change during the project).


Videos are subtitled for website and social media unless the client has specified otherwise.

One Minute Business Pitch Videos


  1. You or a nominated member of your team are filmed at our studio in Alton, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  2. We agree a script with you beforehand and sort out any supporting still images you may want included (e.g. showing products).
  3. We set up a green screen backdrop, place your agreed script in our teleprompter, rehearse with you (or your nominated team member) and shoot the footage. That’s all the filming done.
  4. The next steps involve our post-production studio, where we edit the video and add all those magical touches that illustrate your points and add visual interest (including sub-titles, your business logo and royalty free music).
  5. A draft video is sent to you or made available via YouTube for feedback and edit requests (up to 2 online edits are included in the price).
  6. After the final version is agreed we invoice for the work and once paid, upload the final version to YouTube or provide it as an MP4 file.

Option 2 – Filmed at Your Premises [From £470]

Uses the same steps as Package 1 but filmed at your premises (or other location designated by you). The additional costs reflect the setting-up and breaking down time required for equipment transported to and from the site. Travel time and expenses are then added, based on £25 per hour and 45p per mile.

Option 3 – Filmed Without You [From £430]

Some people don’t like being filmed and we understand that – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, we developed a package that uses still pictures, images and good quality HD widescreen video provided by you, which we then edit and animate in our post-production studio.


We can record you doing the voiceover or employ a local voiceover artist telling your story, if you don’t want to record the script yourself. Prices for voiceover artists are provided on request.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials – recommended running time of 2 minutes [From £650]

Client testimonials are a terrific way for clients or customers to show their appreciation of your work or products. They can be filmed at your premises, at the client/customers’ place of work, or at a central location where all the individuals can be filmed (you may even choose to use this to host a “thank you” style event after filming).


Normally 4 to 6 clients are involved. We film them individually being asked the same questions (which we agree with you beforehand). We then edit the video to obtain the best answers, add any golden nuggets and particularly useful observations they may have given, and collate this into the final video for your approval.


The price of this package includes up to 2 hours filming, 1 hours travel each way, 1 hour set up and 1 hour packing away. This usually covers filming at your premises or at a central location. If we need to visit each client individually, the quotation will reflect the additional travel, setting up and packing away costs, so please bear this in mind before deciding on the best option for your project.

Business Promotional Videos

Option 1 – Explainer Videos [From £1,650]


This type of video is an ideal way to tell audiences what your product or service does. We use them to help clients whose products or services are more complex (e.g. engineering or IT), or where the benefits are not always obvious to prospects (for example, different types of consultancy).


They usually involve filming onsite, but we can work with good quality photographs, provided enough are available to support the proposed video length.


The final video is fully subtitled. We can add voice over soundtracks and illustrative animations (POA).


Recommended running time of 2 minutes

Option 2 – Corporate Videos [From £1,400]


This type of video is what people typically associate with video production for businesses. Corporate promotional videos are only limited by your imagination and your budget.


We help you develop your concept through to a full brief that fulfils your objectives (while working within budget constraints), so your business or organisation stands out amongst competitors.


The scope for promotional videos is incredibly wide and may include the use of camera jibs, cranes, studio hire, licensed and trained drone operators, or even a helicopter (where appropriate).


The final video is fully subtitled, and we can add voice over/music soundtracks, and a host of other post production options, depending on what you need.


Prices vary considerably depending on project parameters, but as a guideline: small business promotional videos typically start from £1,400 and larger business promotional videos (e.g. hotels/ leisure parks) from £2,400.


Recommended running times depend on how you intend to use the final video.

Option 3 – Training Videos [From £1,850]


Training videos are one of the most popular ways of using this medium to improve peoples’ expertise, skills and knowledge.


The scope for content is enormous, from imparting Health & Safety information, showing people how to operate complex machinery, how to interact with customers, or even how to improve sporting technique – training videos cover so many spheres.


Subsequently, these are typically longer form videos, normally videoed on location and priced according to your brief for the project.


Some projects may involve drone or other camera elevated filming equipment (depending on the industry for which the training video is required).


Recommended running time: max of 20 minutes

(i.e. standard attention span)

Option 4 – Event Capture Videos [From £2,850]


This type of video can cover anything from product launches to international conferences.


As such, the scope of projects varies enormously from a simple half day event through to several days of filmed activity, with multiple speakers and presentations.


Post production may take several days, depending on the amount of footage to be edited. It is also quite common for clients to ask for a number of shorter videos to be provided as part of the project.


The additional costs reflect the setting-up and breaking down time required for equipment transported to and from the site.


Travel time and expenses are then added, based on £25 per hour and 45p per mile.


Recommended running times depend on how you intend to use the final video.

Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels

Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels [From £1,200]


A website showing empty chairs and tables doesn’t convey the vistor experience to your potential clients. We have designed a package of filming and editing which shows off the customer experience with both the venue and the food, in the case of Pubs and Restaurants, and includes accomodation and events at Hotels. These are best filmed when the venue is busy with permission from clients and shows off the reasons that people like to use the venue.    

Television Advertising Videos

Television Advertising Videos  [Price on application]


The options available across television broadcast channels are enormous. We can help you with advice, as well as filming and producing your advertisement to the high-quality standard needed for broadcasters (using broadcast approved camera kit/editing software that complies to broadcast “legal” colour and gamma and sound loudness monitoring specifications). Release forms are needed from participants and music prices will uplift costs according to the channel’s audience reach, time of day the advert is broadcast, and number of showings.


Prices depend on your brief and making the advert to exactly the time slot paid for on the broadcaster’s platform.

Terms & Conditions (including payment terms) are supplied during the initial project discussion stage.


Larger projects will attract a staged payment schedule.


Videos are supplied watermarked DRAFT and are released in clear vision only once paid for in full.