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Some of the many Edius X Features and VIDEOAKTIV Magazine rating

Edius 11 new Features

Grass Valley Edius Pro, Edius Workgroup, and Edius Broadcast – Professional Video Editing Software



Ideal to cut, assemble and polish video material for Police Forces, Wedding Videographers, Post Production Houses and NEWS Rooms, quick and easy to learn and use, real time editing, up to 8K on the correct hardware platform.



Handles variable frame rate video from mobile phones, it is stable and fast to edit with, display your edit on a large TV via Black Magic Design Hardware, and impress the client!


Check out the ProDad Forensic Suite for Edius a real CCTV time saver for Police Forces, zoom in improve blurred lettering and produce logs for court evidence, it’s time to stop looking through hours of footage with apparently nothing happening let Forensic suite find that movement moment for you.



Custom Built Hardware Platforms for Edius


As an reseller, our turnkey computer systems on page 2 offer our customers the ability to plug their system together turn on the power, and get on with being creative as soon as you switch on your system, and not have to worry about the technical stuff.


This is possible because built into the price is a 1 day software install and full test, and if you collect your system from us you also get face to face initial training, both worth over £700 and technical support for a year worth £250.


You can of course buy the Edius software and buy all the parts to make your own computer system, but then from a hardware support standpoint, you are on your own.


If your desired build isn’t listed please contact us. The next worthwhile step up in CPU performance for editors will be the Intel I9-14xxxk series of processors with more power cores, when released by Intel now on October 17th. It is rumoured to be only 7% faster than the 13900K, we will see.


New high end PC’s suitable for Edius now in the shop



Edius 11 packed with goodies

  • EDIUS 11 is bundled with the following great new modules for optimizing audio, title creation and video effects. The regular retail price for these modules alone is more than US$700. With EDIUS 11, you get all these great solutions for free as part of the EDIUS 11 package:


    • Audio Filter Plug-in Pack: Acon Digital EE for EDIUS 11
    • Audio editor with AI analysis subtitle generator: Acon Digital Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.4
    • Titler Plug-in Pack: VisTitle Express v3 for EDIUS 11
    • Video Transition and Filter Plug-in Pack: ProDAD Vitascene V5 EDIUS Edition

During the product-cycle of EDIUS 11.xx new features and updates will continuously be made available to users free of charge.

EDIUS 11 trial version

You can download and test the 30-day trial version of Grass Valley EDIUS 11 for free:EDIUS 11 Download

Use the EDIUS 11 Setup Manager, which automatically downloads and installs the chosen EDIUS 11 options.




(For the differences between the Edius Pro version and the Edius Workgroup Version – which works off line and has more features CLICK HERE)

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